Dear customer,

As of March 11, 2021, new restrictions established by the Government will come into force in Estonia again, which once again affects shopping centers.

Due to the spread of COVID-19 virus, Lasnamäe Prisma has been partially closed on weekends since 11.03. The permitted occupancy of the shopping center is 25%.

Your well-being whilst you are shopping at Lasnamäe Prisma is important to us. To ensure that you can shop safely, we have, in accordance with the official Estonian Government guidelines, implemented the following measures at Lasnamäe Prisma.

  • It is mandatory to wear masks in the centre. The compliance with this requirement is being checked.
  • Seating areas are closed in the public spaces of the centre.
  • Wi-Fi id turned off in the public areas of the centre.


The purpose of Lasnamäe Prisma’s Code of Conduct (hereinafter “rules”) is to ensure the well-being of all visitors and employees of Lasnamäe Prisma shopping centre.

→ The centre’s visitors are obliged to follow the generally accepted rules and requirements established for public places.

→ Visitors must behave politely and prudently in the centre, keeping it clean and orderly.

→ Visitors are not allowed to disturb other visitors and staff of the centre with their behavior; damage and destroy the centre’s equipment; consume alcohol in the general areas of the centre (excl. dining and entertainment facilities); smoke and use drugs.

→ It is not allowed to be in the centre and in its territory in a clear and disturbing state of drunkenness. It is not allowed to visit the centre under the influence of narcotic substances.

→ Smoking is prohibited in the immediate vicinity of the centre’s entrances. Smoking is only allowed outside the areas marked as no-smoking zones.

→ It is not allowed to be in the centre on a scooter, with a bicycle, on roller skates, skateboard, etc.

→ It is allowed to take photos and make videos in the centre for personal purpose only. In other cases, taking photos and making videos is only allowed with the prior consent of the centre’s representatives.

→ Visitors must be careful and cautious in theirmoves and actions in the centre. Centre does not take responsibility for the personal belongings of visitors. Lasnamäe Prisma does not take responsibility for accidents with visitors in the centre, if such accidents are caused due to the violation of Lasnamäe Prisma’s Code of Conduct.

→ When visiting the centre with a pet, the owner of the pet must ensure the safety of other people and animals, and prevent the pet from getting loose. The owner of the pet is obliged to ensure that the pet does not befoul the territory of the centre. Every store and dining facility has the right not to allow pets.

→ The staff of the centres has the right to ask a visitor to leave the centre, if the visitor does not follow the rules established in the centre or endangers and disturbs other visitors, other people in the centre and the centre with their behavior.

→ The security staff of the centre has the right to remove from the centre or not to allow access to the centre for persons of whom they have a founded suspicion that they intend to violate the rules of the centre or to endanger the visitors of the centre, other persons in the centre and the centre. The same applies to persons who have previously violated or attempted to violate the rules of the centre or to endanger the visitors of the centre, other persons in the centre and the centre.

→ In case of repeated or serious violation of the rules established in the centre, the violators will be handed over to the police.

→ Visitors of Lasnamäe Prisma centre are aware that the centre has video surveillance.

→ Visitors of the centre are obliged to follow traffic rules in the parking lot of Lasnamäe Prisma. Safety of all road users and vehicles must be ensured. The parking lot of the Lasnamäe Prisma is managed by Europark Estonia OÜ.

The centre is represented by Capfield OÜ.

Have a nice visit!